• Cleanrooms are controlled environments, where products are manufactured and/or tested, in which contamination by air particles may interfere in the ultimate result.
• A cleanroom must be an environment that mitigates as much as possible particle insertion, generation and retaining.
• Cleanrooms must include high technology equipment developed by qualified professionals in the form of customized solutions, according to client demand.


  • Flexibility: All solutions and projects are developed and customized according to client’ requirements.
  • Full solutions: We provide project development, equipment manufacturing, solution installation and maintenance. Full support for the entire duration of the installation project.
  • Delivery Time: Detailed schedules help us finish and deliver projects within the agreed deadlines.
  • Finishing: Our high-quality finishes are a hallmark of our work at Isodur.

Technical knowledge: Out staff is highly qualified to provide all technical support needed for your production process.